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Welcome to Landscaping Aurora, Lawn Care and Landscaping Design Aurora, Colorado.

Landscaping Services Aurora, CO

Welcome to Landscaping Aurora Colorado, where we serve customers in all things landscaping! We're passionate about transforming your ordinary yard into a slice of heaven.

We love making Aurora, Colorado an even more beautiful place to live! Whether you need a fresh, vibrant lawn or garden oasis, we've got you covered. 

Our team of skilled landscapers is armed with mowers, trimmers, and creativity that could rival Mother Nature herself. We help customers with all kinds of yard projects. 

Our Services:

-Landscape Design

-Lawn Care & Lawn Maintenance

-Landscape Edging


-Sprinkler Installation & Maintenance

-Tree & Shrub Care

-Mulching & Weed Control

-Seasonal Cleanup

-Fertilization & Soil Conditioning

-Landscape Lighting

-Waterfall Landscaping

-Tree Planting

-and more!

We're the experts in curating jaw-dropping landscapes that'll make your neighbors green with envy. So sit back, relax, and let us do the dirty work while you reap the rewards of a stunning outdoor sanctuary. Say goodbye to drab yards and hello to landscaping perfection!

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"Best Landscaper in Aurora Colorado"

Welcome to Landscaping Aurora Co, where we offer landscaping and lawn care services tailored to meet your every outdoor need. Our team of experts is here to make your dream yard a reality, with a perfect blend of creativity, skill, and passion. Check out a few of the awesome services we provide!

It's nice to have help when planning outdoor spaces, especially help from an expert. Let our design team help you plan your landscape. 

Our landscape design service is the cornerstone of our business. This is where artistry meets functionality. We understand that your outdoor space is an extension of your personality. We take pride in creating captivating designs that reflect your unique style.

Our experienced designers collaborate with our customers to make sure we get it right! We incorporate our customers' ideas into a plan that maximizes the beauty and utility of the yard.

From garden layouts to pathways and water features, we infuse every design with a touch of magic. We want your landscape to be a haven for you and your loved ones.

Want to spend more time enjoying your yard than working in it?? Let us help you with our lawn care services in Aurora, Colorado. 

A lush, vibrant lawn is the heart of any gorgeous landscape, and our lawn care services are second to none. We're not just grass enthusiasts; we're lawn whisperers! We can help get rid of invasive species and dead spots so your grass can look its best. We provide for each yard's unique needs:


-Weed Control


-Mowing Services

-Edging Services

-and More!

Our Lawn Maintenance services help homeowners get their time back to enjoy their outdoor picnics, playdates, or relaxing time! 

 In the arid climate of Aurora Co, xeriscaping is a smart and sustainable landscaping choice. It allows you to conserve water while still enjoying a breathtaking outdoor space.

Our xeriscaping specialists excel in creating stunning landscapes that thrive in low-water conditions. We use drought-tolerant plants, efficient irrigation systems, and innovative design techniques.

Let us transform your yard into a desert oasis. We will plan for a harmonious blend of succulents, ornamental grasses, and native plants. Our Xeriscaping makes it so there is minimal outdoor maintenance for you!

The devil is in the details, and when it comes to landscape edging, we leave no stone unturned (quite literally!). 

We define and separate different areas of your landscape, creating borders that frame your gardens, pathways, and hardscapes.

With a wide variety of materials and styles to choose from, we'll guide you in selecting the perfect edging solution. It will complement your overall design and look beautiful.

Sprinkler Installation & Sprinkler Maintenance

We install sprinkler systems too! This is often the best part of owning a lawn. Well installed sprinkler systems are efficient with water use and effective in keeping yards looking amazing.

Serving Homeowners & Businesses in Aurora, Co

Our landscapers serve homeowners and business owners in our area. We can get your home or office the best-looking exterior to welcome customers or friends and family. Trust our landscapers to do the job right!

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At Landscaping Aurora Co, we create stunning landscapes you can enjoy. Let us transform your yard into an outdoor paradise that you'll love coming home to every day. Contact us now for a consultation, and let's embark on this exciting journey together.



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